How To Reduce The Cost Of Cooling Your Home During Summer Season?

With the arrival of the hot summer season, cooling appliances start running the whole day long. It may hit your utility bills hard and increase the rate of energy consumption. There are so many ways to reduce your energy cost and maintain a cool and comfortable ambiance inside the home. 

For instance, regular maintenance of your AC by calling professionals like air conditioning Sydney contractors can help in reducing the consumption of energy. If you are looking for various simple and effective ways to reduce the utility bills during summer, then you are at the right place. 

We have compiled various tips and tricks that will help you in increasing your saving and let you stay comfortable inside your home during the summer season:

1. Keep Heat Out

You should not let the heat enter your home. Otherwise, outside heat can increase the temperature of your home. You should try to reduce the heat gain through the windows in your house during the daytime. 

You should look for window treatments and coverings that can help in improving energy efficiency. Not just windows, but there are various other ways from where hot air can enter your homes such as cracks and openings. 

You should seal the cracks and lock all other ways to prevent the entry of hot air. You should seal the doors and windows by using weatherstripping to insulate your home from rising outdoor temperatures.

2. Efficient Use Of Thermostat

Set the thermostat setting as per your preference. Make sure that thermostat settings can help in creating a comfortable ambiance inside the home. It will help in maintaining the right ambiance and controlling the humidity level inside your home. 

You should increase the setting of the thermostat when you are not at home and lower it when you are returning and need a cool home. The programmable thermostat will help you to do it automatically and you do not need to sacrifice the comfort level.

You should not set the thermostat at a colder setting as compared to the normal when you will first turn on your AC. Immediately setting the thermostat at a very low level will not help in colling your home quickly, but just increases the unwanted expense.

3. Invest In Fans And Ventilation System

You should immediately turn off the ceiling fan when you are about to leave the room. You should always keep in mind that fan cool people and not rooms. The fan creates the chill effect and makes you feel cool. 

After taking shower, you should prefer to use the bathroom fans to remove the heat and humidity inside the bathroom. 

The laundry room in your house can also be benefitted from the spot ventilation. The bathroom and kitchen fans are vented outside to take out the heat and humidity from your home.

4. Optimum Operation Of Cooling System  

To reduce the consumption of energy on the cooling system during the summer season, you should schedule regular maintenance of your cooling devices. You should gain in-depth knowledge of the operation and maintenance of the AC, evaporative cooler, and heat pump. 

You should never place any lamp or heat-producing device near the thermostat of the AC. The thermostat can sense the heat produced by the appliances which are placed closed to it. 

The thermostat assumes that the atmospheric temperature is high and starts working hard. It just led to unwanted consumption of energy and reduced efficiency of your AC. 

You should look for various tips and tricks for optimum operation of your ducted air conditioning system. You should make sure that air intake vents are clean and there should be no dust build-up. 

It is also important to make sure that furniture and various other objects are not blocking airflow. Do not forget to call the professionals like ducted air conditioning Sydney contractors for regular maintenance work.

5. Appliances And Lighting System

Look for the lighting fixtures that work at cooler temperatures. You should purchase 5-star rating appliances and a lighting system to reduce the consumption of energy. When your appliances and lights are not in use, then you should keep them turn off. 

If it is possible, you should take advantage of the daylight rather than the artificial lighting system. But you should avoid direct sunlight because it can heat up your home. 

You should look for different strategies to get the optimum daylighting. You should use washing machines and dishwashers with full loads for better efficiency.

6. Reduce Water Heating Cost

The water heating system accounts for approximately 18 percent of the energy consumption inside the home. By setting your water heater at no more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit, you can reduce scalding. 

The lower setting of the water heater can reduce the consumption of energy and also save money. There are so many strategies for optimum-water heating and you should implement the right one.


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