This is how you increase the security of your Auerswald VoIP telephone

This is how you increase the security of your Auerswald VoIP telephone

The transition from traditional ISDN technology to IP-based telephone connections is in full swing throughout Germany, and Telekom is still pursuing its goal of converting all ISDN connections to VOIP connections by the end of 2018.

In addition to all the positive aspects that arise for customers through the use of IP-based connections,

on the other hand the issue of (network) security is increasingly in focus – at least it should.

If you are now wondering what should be very insecure about IP telephony, let me tell you that find voip phone ip address is initially about normal data that are transmitted over the network. An IP-based network initially makes no difference in terms of the content of the data packets.

Now I don’t want to bother you with the technical details. Only this much can be said: data packets in a network are easy to log and record.

The necessary tools are available free of charge on the Internet and also the necessary instructions. But now back to the question of why this poses a danger


  • Contain data packets personal login information such as user name and password
  • Are source and destination address, and date and time detected
  • The content of the data packets can be read out and evaluated in plain text With this information, not only can behavioral patterns of individual users be determined, but also
  • Hijack devices or services, e.g. a telephone system
  • Misuse identities, e.g. to make calls to expensive service numbers and thus cause financial damage

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How you can protect yourself from abuse:

  • use secure passwords even for supposedly simple services (PBX, IP telephony)
  • ensure an encrypted connection between the telephone and the telephone system
  • ensure an encrypted connection between provider and telephone system (as far as possible)

Encrypted connections ensure that data packets can still be recorded in the network, but the content can no longer be read in plain text. Thus, for example, access data or user data.

(Audio data, i.e. the conversation itself) Can no longer be used, and can no longer be made audible.

The SIP protocols for connection establishment and RTP for the voice that have to be encrypted are specifically related to the topic of VoIP . The designation for the two protocols is  SIP (S) or (S) RTP .

Security Auerswald VoIP telephones

The current Auerswald IP telephones COMfortel 1400IP , COMfortel 2600IP , COMfortel 3200IP and COMfortel 3600IP support encryption with the help of SIPS and SRTP in connection with the Auerswald telephone systems COMpact 4000 , COMpact 5000 , COMpact 5200 , COMpact 5500 and COMmander 6000 .

The Setup is very easy and can be done in a few minutes. 

I will show you everything you have to do in a small video tutorial . You can find the video in the free Members area .

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