Update Firmware of Brostrend AC1200 WiFi Extender with Finest Ways

The Brostrend AC1200 WiFi Extender is a home range booster repeater. It transmits 1200Mbps data speeds with two radio frequencies such as 2.4Ghz and 5GHz. The device is working with two external antennas to expand the router’s Internet network.It is compatible with more than 20 devices and you can install it in any electric outlet. It is connected to Wi-Fi and also connects to an Ethernet port for an extended wired connection. This repeater has an internet network coverage of 1200 square feet. This extender’s Ethernet port is compatible with game consoles, desktops, printers, Blu-ray printers, and 4K TVs.

It also supports dual band technology to improve signals and connections. You can set up the device with the router by tapping the WPS button, and manual setup of the extender is possible by logging in to Brestrand Extender. on this re.brostrend.com site. 

Primary Brostrend AC1200 WiFi Extender Features 

The wireless Brostrend AC1200 booster has several features.

Adjustable Antennas

You can adjust the two antennas in any direction you like. Installing a router into a power outlet is reliable.

Work dual-band technology

This repeater enhances the performance of the router network with dual band technology.

One-touch Setup

They can set up the device within a minute using the WPS button and press the WPS button on the router and repeater at the same time.

Ethernet Port Compatibility 

The Brostrend Extender’s Ethernet port is easily integrated with desktops, game consoles, printers, 4K TVs, Blu-ray printers, and more.

LED Lights Indicator

You can also check the signal strength and connection with the help of LED lights indicator.

Unique steps to upgrade the Brostrend AC1200 WiFi Extender firmware

Read these underlined steps and follow them point by point without missing a single step. If your device is working with an older version and it may not work. Firmware extender helps improve signals and device performance. Update firmware with these steps.

Place your device 

First, choose the location of your extender. Place your extender within the range of the route to increase the router’s network performance.And put it in a working power outlet, find your Brostrend repeater away from electrical appliances, metal objects and water objects.

Connect with the computer wifi 

After the location, press the device’s extender and power button, when it glows solid blue. Then, connect your computer to the wireless booster network. To connect, open the computer’s Wi-Fi network list and select the Extender network name and click on it. Next, enter the booster’s security key on the device’s label. After entering the password, click Connect. That way, your computer is connected to a dual band Wi-Fi repeater network.

Upgrade the firmware by logging in to the Brastrand account

Open the browser on your Mobile or computer. Then, find Extender’s IP address to open the login page. Then, text the extender’s username and password. Next, tap Login. Open Extender settings, select Administrator, and tap Firmware Upgrade. The download takes about 3-4 minutes and then, the extender will restart.

When your Brostrend AC1200 WiFi Extender works with older versions, it may cause the brostrend ac1200 not to work.


I bought this Brostrend to increase the power of the router network. My router is too old. Therefore, the performance of router is very slow. Extender router helps to transmit Wi-Fi signals to the desired area. This is a great network device. This booster is very easy to set up and install. One day, I recently encountered a problem: the extender was not connected to the router via the WPS button. Then, I contacted the ISP to find a solution. From my point of view, this is a wonderful tool.

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